Documentation Space

The Documentation Space (LC 552) was designed as a space where students could make photographic or video documentation of their small 2d or 3d art works. The Documentation space is simply an empty 19’ by 16’ room that has flat black walls and ceiling and a concrete floor. The walls are covered with plywood, which students can use to hang art works on as long as the fasteners are removed and the holes are patched when the student is finished. 
The Documentation Room is available through the Grad Lab's Web Checkout located on this site just as a piece of equipment would be. It is open for use during the same hours as the Print Lab and Checkout. Documentation Room reservations can be made for 4 hour blocks of time. Up to two 4 hour blocks of time can be reserved per a student per a week. Additionally, walk in use is welcome as long it does not conflict with existing reservations, again walk in use is allocated in 4 hour blocks.