The Grad Lab offers workshops on a variety of subjects. The Workshops listed here are open to all MICA graduate students. All graduate students are encouraged to attend as it never hurts to learn something new and some checkout equipment is restricted to those students who have attended a workshop on it's proper operation and handling. These Workshops are meant to serve as both an introduction to various topics as well as a survey of the tools, equipment and workflow the Lab has in place. Workshops are held in the Grad Lab on Thursday night from 7:30pm to 10:30pm unless otherwise noted.



If there is a subject you or your program might be interested in, please send us an email through our Contact page. You can also view past Grad Lab workshops here to help give you an idea of some of the topics that have been covered in the past.


Spring 2019 Grad Lab Workshop Schedule


Workshops will be held Thursdays 7:30 – 10:30pm in the Grad Lab unless otherwise noted.

Jan 31st  2019 Tech For Exhibitions So you spent weeks or months creating video, audio and other multimedia artworks. How do you go about showing it? This workshop will cover some important aspects of displaying media/multi-media based work in exhibitions. The workshop will cover what types of equipment are available to you for exhibitions, and how it is best utilized. Patrick Hunt
Feb 7th  2019 Intro To VR

The Grad lab VR Workshop will introduce students to the VR Hardware that the Grad Lab has to offer. This will include discussing the available computer platforms that can support our VR hardware and additionally how to setup and use the Lab’s equipment. We will also examine some popular workflows for creating VR Content and consider how to implement them in the Lab.

Patrick Hunt
Feb 14th 2019 VR Content Creation Getting started with VR/AR/XR content creation can be difficult and one of the first hurdels is getting familiar with the gaming engine, plugins and workflows used. This workshop will introduce you to the programs and workflows the Grad Lab has in place to support VR/AR/XR content creation. Mollye Bendell
Feb 21st 2019 Steadicam

When removed from a tripod, a camera traditionally has to be wheeled about on a dolly because a hand-held camera gives a shaky 'wedding photography' look that is unlike how we perceive the world. The idea behind Steadicam is to produce smoother shots by decoupling the camera from the operator’s body. This workshop will introduce you to the Steadicam Zephyr by demonstrating the correct usage and balancing of the Vest, Arm and Sled.

**If you would like to checkout the Grad Lab's Steadicam Kit you must attend this workshop

Patrick Hunt

Feb 28th  2019 Intro To 3D Modeling Ever been interested in learning a 3D modeling program but don’t know where to start or which program to use? This workshop will help answer: How hard is it to use? What can I use it for? How cool do the animations look? Come to the workshop for a basic over view of the 3D modeling process and the 3D modeling programs available at the Grad Lab. Mollye Bendell