Graduate Research Lab Technology Research Assistant Position

The Maryland Institute College of Art is pleased to accept applications for the Technology Research Assistant, a unique position within MICA’s Graduate Research Lab.


The Graduate Research Lab will be closing all resources beginning Monday May the 7th for Maintenance and upgrades

Graduate Community,
Please note that the Graduate Research Lab will be closing all resources beginning Monday May the 7th for Maintenance and upgrades.
During this closure there will be a number of tasks taking place including:

New Printer in Print Lab

The Grad Lab has a new printer! The Lab now has an Epson P20000. This printer is capable of printing on roll paper that is up to 64” wide. There do not seem to be a large number of papers available at the full 64” width yet but the Lab has purchased 60” Silver Rag and 64” Epson Enhanced Matte. Printing on this printer will require a printing reservation to be made in advance via the Contact Page on this website.

Drobo Links

The Grad Lab Drobo and Mavericks seem to be having a bit of trouble communicating. As a result there are 2 links that appear when you connect to the Drobo. Please note that you should be using "GradLabDrobo" Link and not the link with your user name. To find your user folder you must follow both the "GradLabDrobo" and "students" links then locate your folder in the list of user names. Please see the Screen shots below to elaborate.


Do not try to use this folder it will not work!

Maintenance and Systems Upgrades

As of today Sept. 24th all WorkStations and Resource Rooms are available for use.


The Grad Lab is pleased to announce the addition of the Avid Media Composer software bundle. Avid Media Composer, the industry standard Non-Linear Editing (NLE) System for film and video, is now available in the Main Lab on the HD Video Editing Station and on the Video Editing 1 Station.  Additionally, both Video Editing Suites 1 and 2 also have the Media Composer software bundle installed.

The Video Editing Suites Are Open!!

As of today 1-28-13 the Grad Lab Video Editing SUites are open and ready for use. Please make sure to read this page about the Editing Suites before checking one out.
Please read the following page ofr more info.

The Documentation Space is Open!!! 12-3-12

As of today 12-3-12 the Documentation Space is open and avaiable for use. It can be checked out through our online checkout system. to read more about the Documentation Space please see the following page: Documentation.

The Electronics Project Rooms is Open 10-5-12

The electronics Project room is available for use. Please see the following page for all info concerning use of the space.

Grad Lab Update 9-20-12

The Main Lab is fully functional! All of the computer stations in the Main Lab are currently working. ;)


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